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For Logistics Label and Ribbon

For Logistics
High Performance Solutions for Logistic Applications
Logistic labels are essential to an efficient supply chain. Barcodes must be high quality so they can be easily scanned to capture the data it contains. If the barcode doesn’t scan, productivity slows as the operator must manually enter data. Common thermal transfer applications include shipping labels, inventory control labels, bin tags, print   apply labels, and warehouse location labels. Print formats tend to be simple with normal barcodes like Code 128. A vellum or coated paper label printed with a Standard Wax thermal transfer ribbon provides an economical solution. Alternatively, bar codes can be printed with inkjet ink directly on shipping cartons for case coding.
Compliance labels common in cross-dock applications are more demanding. These contain data-rich 2D barcodes (like Data Matrix) and normal barcodes with information about the inbound shipment, internal routing and immediate outbound shipment. Suppliers can face hefty fines if labels cannot be scanned. Higher grade paper labels printed with a Resin-Enhanced Wax ribbon provide reliable print quality and good durability.
Another more demanding application is pallet labels which can be subjected to rough handling. A synthetic label printed with a Resin-Enhanced Wax or Wax/Resin thermal transfer ribbon with withstand abrasion and rubbing during the shipping process ad trucks and containers are loaded.
Zebra, Datamax, Sato, Honeywell, Printronix, TSC and other thermal transfer printers with 203 DPI resolution are adequate for printing logistic labels.
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