Inkanto Ribbon Families

Thermal Transfer Ribbons

In thermal transfer printing, the printer, ribbon and substrate work together as a printing system. The technology is simple and works by melting ink from the thermal transfer ribbon onto the receiver/substrate. Thermal transfer printing is reliable and low maintenance, and can be applied in a wide range of on-demand printing applications. IIMAK thermal transfer ribbons are the only ribbons to feature Clean Start®, the patented printhead cleaner built in the ribbon.

What is a wax ribbon?

A wax ribbon is a ribbon coated with an ink made essentially with wax-based components. Wax ribbons are the most popular thermal transfer ribbon for thermal printers. Wax-based inks have a good adhesion on almost all types of substrate and are perfectly suitable for printing barcodes and other types of labels.

Wax ribbons will deliver a great print quality on the following label materials:

Rough vellum papers
Matt coated papers
Glossy coated papers

What is a wax-resin ribbon?

A wax-resin Thermal Transfer ribbon is made with a combination of wax and resin based ingredients.

Among all Thermal Transfer ribbon ranges, Wax-resin ribbons are the most versatile in terms of usages as they respond to a very wide array of label printing needs in the logistics, production or distribution sectors.

Wax-resin ribbons can print almost all types of label and packaging film substrates:

Paper labels: Vellum, Coated and Glossy coated
Synthetic labels: Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Polyester
Flexible packaging films

What is a resin ribbon?

Resin Thermal Transfer ribbons are designed for the most demanding applications in need of resistances to mechanical stresses, high or low temperature environments, or even solvents.

Best printing receptors for Resin ribbons are:

Paper labels: Glossy coated
Synthetic labels: Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Polyester,
Specific labels: Polyimide, Acrylate, textile
Flexible packaging films