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Barcoding products for printing, scanning and mobile communications

With a wealth of experience and strong manufacturer relationships, the team at DINHTHIEN TMS Co., Ltd are at the forefront of barcode hardware technology developments. From scanners and printers to mobile computers, our team can advise you on the latest barcode systems technology that is right for your businesses needs. Speak to one of our advisors today for a free barcoding technology consultation

Our team of product experts are ready to assist you in the selection of your barcode hardware, supporting you to make an informed choice on Scanners, Printers, Mobile Computers and associated technology. Working independently with leading brands such as Zebra and Honeywell, we can manage any size project providing selection and on-going support to your business operations.
Barcode Scanners
Barcode Scanners

Trust our product experts to find you the right scanner at the right price. 

Our product experts can help you find the right scanner to meet your particular operational needs. We work with the industries leading brands to bring you a vast range of barcode hardware. From simple tethered barcode readers to rugged industrial scanners that are used in tough warehouse environments we can help you get it right.

There is a vast array of barcode scanner technology to choose from. We can guide you through selecting the right barcode scanner, selecting from devices that read 1D, 2D, and QR codes, and barcode scanners that are compatible with your mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Android.

  • Laser Scanners– Simple laser scanners for quick scanning
  • Imagers – Scan QR codes and quality control
  • Rugged scanners – Tough scanners for warehouses
  • Wearables – Hands-free scanners

You may be wondering if you require a laser or imager, USB or Bluetooth scanner or even if you need more functionality and may need to upgrade to a mobile computer. Our team are there to help and will happily discuss all the options with you to find the best deal.

Speak to one of our advisor’s today for advice on choosing the barcode scanner that is right for your needs.

Barcode Printers
Barcode Printers

Select the right barcode printer for your business with expert advice from DINTHIEN TMS Co., Ltd. 

With a background in printing and labels that stretch back over 10 years, our team at DINHTHIEN TMS Co., Ltd can help you purchase a printer that is right for your operational requirements.

There is so much to consider when purchasing a barcode label printer from volume requirements, quality, label sizes, mobility and the working environment and integration considerations, that you really want to ensure you are getting expert advice.

Working with leading brands who provide professional barcode systems including CAB, Zebra and Toshiba TEC, our fully trained team can provide you with the full range of printers from small desktop printers, ideal for shipping labels, to Industrial networked printers for high volume critical printing.

  • Industrial barcode labels printers
  • Portable label & receipt printers
  • Card printers
  • RFID printers

Once selected, our team will provide you with onsite support ensuring that your printers are serviced and our on-site engineer team will respond quickly should you experience any issues with your equipment.

If you are looking for more than just a new printer then speak to our team about our printing solutions. We can create a solution that is right for you business operations with a combination of label design software, printers, consumables, bespoke labels, call off contracts and pre-printed labels.

If you would like advice on selecting the right printer or printing solution for your business, contact us for a FREE consultation.

Mobile Computers
Mobile Computers

Go beyond scanning with a mobile computer for data processing and improved communication.

Mobilise your warehouse and operations team with mobile computing, enabling workers to access timely critical data and communicate effectively across your business premises.

Our team are at the forefront of barcode system developments, helping you select the right mobile devices. With devices that have a range of features and technical capabilities, having a product expert that can cut through the technical jargon and get you the right device will save you time and money.

  • Mobile Handheld Computers
  • Vehicle Mounted computers
  • Rugged Tablets

We work with leading technology manufacturers to provide the full range of  mobile computer handsets, tablets and vehicle mounted terminals (VMT) that improve communication and operational efficiency.

We can consider many factors in helping you choose the right mobile computer, from the physical environment, budget, operating systems requirements, existing systems integration and communication needs. For large projects, our team can support you with specifying the right barcode system for staging and provisioning, deployment and roll-outs.

To make the most of your mobile working, our team can help you improve wireless networking throughout your site with an expert site survey and installation of business networking technology.

For a mobile computer quotation or ideas on how to improve your operations mobility, request a call back from one of our consultants today.