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Ribbon from Inkanto not only meets basic printing needs, but also ensures flexibility for any application. With a wide variety of inks and materials, Inkanto offers the perfect choice to meet the special requirements of your business.

Inkanto Thermal Transfer Ribbon: Innovation for High-Quality Printing

Inkanto offers an advanced and unique heat transfer ribbon solution that meets all your printing needs with unrelenting flexibility and quality.

Superior performance

Inkanto's heat transfer ribbons are designed to deliver outstanding performance during printing. With advanced technology, we are committed to providing high-quality ribbons, making your printing products sharper and more durable.

Variety of Inks and Materials

With a wide variety of inks and materials, Inkanto heat transfer ribbons are a versatile choice for any application. Waterproof, flame-retardant, and wear-resistant ink options ensure that your printed product will meet all technical requirements.

Printer safety

Inkanto ribbons are designed to be compatible with all types of printers, minimizing wear and tear and protecting your printer from negative effects. This extends printer life and reduces maintenance costs.

Environmental protection

We are committed to contributing to environmental protection. Inkanto heat transfer ribbons are manufactured with environmentally friendly raw materials and high-standard manufacturing processes to minimize the impact on our planet.

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Wax ribbons for industrial barcode printers

ARMOR Wax Ribbon Wax Wadr/AWX® Series by® Wax Thermal Transfer is an economical label printing solution using a flat-head thermal printer. ARMOR Wax ribbons provide exceptionally high levels of performance for printing imported or coated paper labels. They are designed to provide ribbon users with optimal protection for the print head. Different wax Heat Transfer ribbons vary according to the amount of printing energy they require, according to their darkness, and degree of wear resistance. Among the ARMOR series, wax ribbons are available with a specific cost/performance ratio: AWR 1, AWR 8, AWX FH ,AWR 470

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Wax plastic ribbon for barcode labeling

ARMOR Plastic Ribbon Products of the AXR® series are designed for extremely demanding applications. Made up of high-tech products, the ARMOR Resin series is especially recommended for synthetic printing materials (PE, PP, PET). The main differences with resin ribbons relate to their resistance qualities: abrasion, temperature, solvent and certain detergents. Special ribbons have been designed for specific applications (such as for printing on textiles). The ARMOR Thermal Transfer ribbon consists of a dedicated plastic Heat Transfer ribbon for two main thermal printer technologies: Flat End and Near Edge. Among the ARMOR strips, waxy resin ribbons are available with the following qualities: ACCESS: ADR 1 for flat head; AXR 100 for Club Close-up: AXR 7+ for Flathead; AXR 600 for EXPERT Close-up: AXR 8, AXR 9, AXR EL for flat head; AXR TX, AXR 800, AXR 900 for Close-up

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