Company History

Established on May 26, 2016, we are a company specializing in providing AutoID and AIDC solutions, and concurrently, a distributor of leading products in the IT and Automatic Identification and Data Capture (Auto-ID) industries. We are always ready to meet the needs of both industrial and non-industrial customers.

Vision & Mission

DINHTHIEN TMS CO., LTD is a collective of experts with 10 years of experience in the IT and Automatic Identification industry. As a market-leading company respected for innovation and reliability, DINHTHIEN TMS CO., LTD provides comprehensive solutions ranging from mobile computers and barcode scanners to specialized printers, RFID, software, and services. These solutions significantly enhance business performance, enabling higher productivity and maximizing the strengths of data-driven applications. With a diverse range of products from leading manufacturers worldwide, we can cater to a wide range of customers in various industries, including government, electronics manufacturing, automotive, apparel, field services, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, oil and gas, power and utilities, healthcare, retail supply chain, FMCG, and transportation.

And we take pride in being the best partner for leading global manufacturers such as CAB, ZEBRA, TOSHIBA, IMARK, and more. By integrating our solutions and services into the top-notch products and systems of our partners, our customers experience superior levels of interaction, performance, and return on investment.

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DINHTHIEN Can Deliver 24/7 Support for Your Entire Operation

Having a responsive and supportive partner like DINHTHIEN Co,.Ltd can make all the difference. Our service and support team is available when you need them, helping you minimize downtime and mitigate potential losses.