Streamline Your Business with Automatic Labeling Equipment

No matter the size of your business, as sales increase, product labeling can quickly become a time-consuming task. However, by transitioning to automatic labeling machines, you can save valuable time and reduce labor costs while enhancing the appearance of your products. While the switch to automation may seem daunting, this article aims to help you make informed decisions regarding your business’s labeling system.

Where and Why Are Automatic Labeling Machines Used?

Inventory Management:

Automatic labeling machines like print and apply label applicators, can efficiently generate and accurately place tracking numbers, barcodes, serial numbers and more on various containers, totes, pallets, and boxes within your warehouse. There are even such machines as corner wrap labelers; these devices enable application of a single label onto two adjacent sides, ensuring information remains visible to workers and scanners. By implementing computerized tracking and labeling systems, you can eliminate risk of human error and increase quality controls in your inventory management processes.

Packaging Flexibility:

Opting for blank containers and a few pallets of labels, rather than pre-printed containers, allows for greater packaging flexibility. This flexibility enables you to easily adapt your packaging to match your production needs, resulting in significant cost savings; particularly for small businesses. By ordering smaller quantities of containers, you reduce capital tied up in inventory and minimize the need for extensive warehouse space.


Automatic labeling systems can seamlessly add shipping labels and bills of lading to each package leaving your facility. By supplying the necessary information for each package, these labeling machines significantly increase your overall productivity.

Contests, Offers, and New Features:

If your company wishes to include coupons, contest information, or draw attention to product changes, using labels with this information can offer a more cost-effective solution compared to altering the entire package design.

Warning Labels:

Products requiring hazardous materials labeling to comply with OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) and Proposition 65 requirements in California, for example, can benefit from automated labeling machines. These machines ensure accurate and compliant labeling, reducing the risk of non-compliance and fees associated with out-of-compliance products.

Packaging Quality:

Automatic labeling machines offer great gains in terms of quality output. When you can count on consistent and precise application of labels, your business will benefit from professional-looking products, fewer costly errors and happier customers.

Legal Compliance:

Even if your products are safe, they still require appropriate labeling to comply with legal regulations. Automatic labeling machines reduce errors and damage during label application, ensuring compliance with regulations such as those governing wine bottling, for example, which have stringent labeling requirements.

When Should Your Business Transition to Automatic Labeling?

Manually applying labels to products is a time-consuming and error-prone process. Even with well-trained personnel, achieving consistency is a challenge. While manual machines improve accuracy, they limit application to a few pieces per minute per employee. Automatic labeling machines work faster than humans, produce better and more consistent results, and save money in the long run. This allows your human resources to be allocated to other areas of the business without compromising throughput.

Automatic labeling machines can also incorporate specific information like serial numbers or barcodes, communicating seamlessly with the rest of your production line and minimizing errors during printing. In addition, the versatility of automatic labeling machines allows for quick and straightforward switches between different product lines and container sizes; minimizing downtime and keeping production moving.


Automatic labeling systems offer the flexibility of adapting for the future. As your business grows, you can change and adapt the system for higher capacity and more sophisticated print and apply needs. Whether you’re a small-scale producer or a large fulfillment center, there are suitable labeling machines available to accommodate your requirements.

Switching to automatic labeling machines offers numerous benefits for businesses of all sizes. By reducing labor costs, improving labeling accuracy, and enhancing packaging flexibility, these machines streamline your operations and increase overall efficiency. From inventory management to legal compliance, automatic labeling machines provide consistent and reliable labeling solutions for various business needs.

Making the Move to Automation

If you’re ready to optimize your labeling processes, MSM Solutions is your go-to provider. We work with leaders in the industry like CTM Labeling Systems because they offer a range of solutions suitable for small-scale production or larger operations. Combined with our decades of labeling expertise, you can create a labeling solution that meets your current needs while allowing for future growth.


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