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Mobility Solutions

Ensure your mobile workforce have the tools to stay connected.  GSM Barcoding Enterprise Mobility Management solutions, implement wireless networks and Mobile Device Management (MDM) software to maximise your mobile business productivity.

Business has gone mobile and you need a mobile working solution that maximises your business by enabling your employees to access critical information from anywhere.  Working wireless onsite enables your production and operations team to access information and conduct operational tasks such as stock movements and dispatch in real time – improving business decision making and customer service.  Field operators can now benefit from the same efficiencies.  Engineers, sales personnel, and any external employee can now access the same information from mobile devices and complete business processes quickly and securely.


Business mobility has added complexity to managing and securing business networks.  Businesses need to find a way to administer multiple device types with various operation systems and applications catalogues within their IT network securely. Added to this the advent of companies permitting a worker to ‘bring your own device’ to work (BYOD) has increased the need for secure mobile networking.

GSM Barcoding EMM mobile solutions work to your particular needs. We design and integrate a wireless infrastructure, mobile devices and Enterprise Mobility Management software to your existing systems.


We partner with the leading hardware vendors and provide an integration and support service for Zebra, Honeywell and a number of leading mobile device brands.

Data capture and auto-ID has gone truly mobile with mobile computers, rugged tablets and even mobile printers operating over wireless networks.  With many technology changes and features available GSM Barcoding can assist in the selection of the latest technologies.

We have approved partner status with a number of hardware manufacturers including:

  • Zebra
  • Datalogic
  • Opticon
  • ADS-tec
  • Honeywell

We can provide support and ensure that your mobile devices are provisioned and have our full maintenance support if your technology should fail we will provide engineer support to get you back to business quickly.


Get a wireless coverage that is 100% guaranteed.  Our experienced team will survey your facilities and source the right hardware to connect you with your customers.

Your wireless network is the backbone of your business providing your team with visibility on the location, movement, and state of your enterprise’s assets.  Ensuring that you have the right network infrastructure in place is essential if you are going to meet the business challenges of Big data, cloud computing, and an increasingly mobile workforce.

Wireless Survey

Unsure where to begin? If you are putting in place a wireless network for the first time or are looking to improve your existing infrastructure than a Wireless Site Survey by GSM Barcoding will cut through the complexity and provide you with the answers you need for your wireless network.

WIFI Hardware 

We work with leading WIFI manufacturers such as Zebra, HP, Cisco and Ruckus to ensure that you get a quality product that is right for your business.  Not all WIFI technology provides the same coverage and features, GSM Barcoding will get the right product for you ensuring that your business stays connected.  Your mobility challenge depends on the reliability of your wireless network – get it right with GSM Barcoding.


Our team of engineers has worked in a number of industries managing fibre installs, CAT5 and CAT6 cabling and access point set-up.  Trust GSM Barcoding to handle your wireless challenges.


Mobile Device Management (MDM) services by GSM Barcoding provide the administration and management software for your mobile devices. 

Implementing a mobile device management (MDM) software solution optimises the functionality and security of the wireless network reducing support calls and minimising the costs and downtime of your mobile devices.  The software acts as a central hub providing you with administration control over the mobile devices in your network.

  • Advanced Data Security – Creates a device container controlling access and rights
  • Control BYOD – Employee devices are securely managed on your network
  • Manage Provisioning and deployment of devices
  • Enable remote device upgrades – over the air updates no need for devices to come in house
  • Secure browser and Application catalogue – web filter and anti-virus protection
  • Prevent unauthorised access to stolen devices

GSM Barcoding can assist you in the integration and management of a Mobile Device Management software system.  Speak to one of our consultants for more information on how you can manage your mobile workforce to full efficiency.