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Asset Tracking System & Solutions


Asset Tracking

Track and manage fixed and loaned assets 

Track and locate your assets anytime and anywhere with G-SMart Assets, the web-based asset tracking system.  No more spreadsheets or paper records!  G-Smart Assets is a simple and intuitive platform that allows you to track assets within a secure centralised system, hosted remotely in the cloud or on-premises.  Perfect for tracking fixed assets, monitoring your asset usage and managing asset maintenance across multiple locations. G-SMart Assets is flexible, with wide applications for the IT industry, facilities management, field maintenance, and leased items tracking.


G-SMart Assets – asset management software, allows you to track and control assets across your organisation’s locations, assets allocated to workers or loaned to third-parties.  The live, web-based tracking of assets, in G-SMart Assets, has several advantages including driving down costs via reduced losses and thefts, improved asset utilisation, managing planned and preventative maintenance and accurate accounting and reporting of fixed assets.

Bespoke Systems Development & Integration

In some instances, an off the shelf or even modular solution will not meet your projects specific requirements.  GSM Barcoding has the in-house skills to develop software solutions specific to your needs and provide cost-effective integration to your existing system. Our development experience spans VB, C#, ASP.NET, SQL, Oracle, and MySQL and our lead engineer is a fully accredited Microsoft Certified Developer with experience of delivering web-based tracking applications and onsite server-based solutions.


Get control of your fixed assets with G-SMart Assets – Fixed assets web-based tracking software.  

The G-SMart Assets system enables you to quickly and easily build a complete asset register so you know exactly what assets you have, where they’re located and each asset’s history. Our web-based system works across devices allowing you to use a handheld mobile computer or mobile device to audit and scan barcode asset tags into a central asset database.

G-Smart Assets helps to keep your Asset register accurate as providing visibility and customizable reports on asset history, details of missing assets, asset locations and much more to suit your company’s needs.

  • Web track assets in real-time
  • Easy set-up wizard
  • Links to G-SMart Stock
  • Customisable reports

G-SMart Assets has a number of advanced features and modules software to suit your particular tracking needs.  Speak to one of our advisor’s today for a free consultancy.


Speed up and improve accountability of loaned items with barcoded tracking.

Take the strain and stress out of managing and tracking loaned assets with the G-Smart Asset tracking system.  Trying to use manual systems such as spreadsheets to track hundreds of loaned items results in human error and risk of losing assets.  The G-Smart Asset tracking software uses barcode asset tags and a central web-based database system to record and track your assets locations, item details, transaction history and maintenance history.

The system provides features specifically for loaning out items including return date notifications, so you can be alerted to overdue loaned items and maintenance checklists for checking the condition of loaned items.

  • Mobile asset tracking
  • Check-in & check-out assets quickly
  • Add notes, images & files to the asset record
  • Return & overdue notifications

Perfect for organisations who loan assets to third parties, employees and those wishing to track their tools and equipment.  If you would like to know more speak to one of our advisor’s today for a free consultancy.


Actively manage assets for safe working and improved productivity 

Easily manage your assets’ planned preventative maintenance (PPM) scheduling with the asset maintenance module in G-SMart Assets. Ideal for organisations who need to track and maintain their assets.  Preventative maintenance ensure your assets are in safe working condition as well as helping to reduce breakdowns, maximise uptime thus increasing productivity and profitability.

Our PPM module allows you to create maintenance checklists that are associated with your asset types. This will allow a field engineer to be guided through the maintenance process and confirming the maintenance data as he works. This information can then be seamlessly transmitted back to the management module using wireless handheld devices, providing real-time data from any location.

  • Maximise asset uptime and productivity
  • Field Engineer checklist
  • Safe asset testing record
  • Reduce loss and redundant assets

We have years of experience in providing asset tracking solutions in schools, manufacturers, and facility companies.   Speak to one of our advisor’s today for a free consultancy.